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Chair lift for stairs

Chair lift for stairs represents the solution for people in search for more independence or mobility. Although this product was mainly conceived for elder persons, it can be a very good solution for persons recovering from accidents, injuries, or with mobility issues. Chair lifts for stairs come in different varieties depending on the needs of the user, his demands, the configuration of the stairway, etc. These devices were originally designed for home use, but nowadays manufacturers propose solutions for office use, public buildings and general interest institutions.

The chair lift for stairs is known to have numerous names, but with mainly the same configuration and purpose. It is also called a stairway chair lift, residential stair lift, stair elevator, home stair lift, electric stair lift, electric stair lift, stairlift, etc. These are not to be mistaken for wheel chair lifts or handicap stair lifts which serve a slightly different purpose and are designed for more specific user needs.

If you are looking to buy a chair lift for stairs there are some very important aspects you have to keep in mind. Generally it is said that only rich people can afford stairway chair lifts because their relatively high prices, but this belief is constantly decreasing because of more and more people who resort to this solution. In the past years chair lift for stairs prices have been constantly lowering because of the new advances in technology and because of the growing numbers of manufactures. Despite this, the acquisition of a chair lift for stairs remains a very important economic decision for any household.

If you are looking to buy a residential stair lift you have to start by thoroughly examining your needs and most importantly, your means. This is not an acquisition that can be made in a hurry because of the complex technical issues and of course because of the price. Modern chair lifts for stairs come in several different types like the screw chair lift for stairs, the worm stairway chair lift, the chain residential chair lift, the cable stairway elevator and the most common two types, the pinion dive chair lift for stairs and the rack dive chair lift for stairs. A good research for models, brands and prices is very important before taking the decision of buying a home stair lift.

After having decided that a chair lift for stairs is a must in your home, the next step is choosing the right model and brand. For doing this there are several sources of information. The most accessible resource is of course the internet where you can surf for companies, testimonials, reviews and of course prices and conditions. The next step is trying to find showrooms next to you and make some field research. Knowing some one who actually owns a chair lift for stairs represents a great opportunity to test it, but also to find out the advantages of having a stairlift and the issues that others may have encountered. Start telephoning to home stair lift manufacturers and ask about the post-buy services and warranties and make a complete list with each product’s features, price, additional services, advantages, etc. Remember that there is no hurry in buying a stairlift and the most important thing is finding the one that best suites your or your love one’s needs.

Although the price of the stairs lift is a very important aspect in deciding which product to choose, safety must come first. From this point of view be sure to pick an important company with a good reputations and try to avoid poor quality products. Also, examine the type of stairway on which you want your chair lift to be installed. Nowadays it is possible to purchase residential home lifts for straight stairways and also bent ones. Because of the numerous types, shapes and dimensions of stairs, the best option is to consult a chair lift representative and ask if it is possible to adapt one of their products to you stairway configuration. The chair that sits on the stairs lift can also be changed and adapted according to the person who will use it and you should think at his actual condition, but also on the long run.

If you invite a representative of a stairway lift company, be sure that he makes a thorough assessment of the work that has to be done. Dimensions, special needs, the future user’s height and weight are aspects that must not be neglected. Don’t forget to ask for a quotation which be sure to include the installation and services, preferably written in order to avoid future misunderstandings. Be sure not to sign any obligation to buy and don’t forget to talk with different companies as well before making a decision.

Finally, the most important aspect is choosing the chair lift for stairs that meets up all your requirements.